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Our main goal is too

Enlighten people / companies on, and motivate towards, sustainable living and active participation in nature conservation

Verity Nature is a non-profit initiative founded and based in South Africa 

The objectives of Verity Nature were derived from the main vision and subsequent mission which in it's simplest form is to conserve nature through the educative proclamation of the truth statement that is 'to love your neighbour as yourself' (Matthew 22:39). 

If we love ourselves and we proclaim to love our neighbour and even our God then we ought to ensure sufficient enlightenment and action on how to conserve nature as an individual, a household, a congregation, a community, a country, and globally. As a people we need to have a unified mind-set to ensure righteous and fair use practices and all of this starts at the foundation of truth through educational endeavours.         

More About

Verity Nature's environmental education department is called Nature@Heart follow the link to the dedicated website. 

- recent projects - 
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Holiday Environmental Education programs

With our dedicated Nature@Heart EE program dozens of children enjoyed a fun and informative outing in nature where they learned an array of lessons on sustainable living, caring for the earth, enjoying nature and what it has to offer, Christian themed life lessons and the list goes on. Funds generated enabled the program to sponsor local less privileged kids to join in. The programs were presented at Durbanville Nature Reserve and Altydgedacht Estate.   

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Therapy through nature programs

Our equine / EE program exposed learners to nature, farm life and working or taking care of horses at Equivalence estate. It teaches the learners discipline and responsibility. Apart from enjoying themselves the learners also gained the calming benefits of working with these magnificent creatures.     

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Get those little adventure bodies moving 

Day programs with Nature@Heart included activities such as zip lining. Where the learners attend a Christian and nature themed recreational program. Rely upon Jesus as you would rely upon the safety of the harness and cable of the zip line.  


Nature Conservation Services

Verity Nature did research on river water quality in the Cederberg mountain catchments. This research will help the catchment coordinators in better understanding the threats to the system to ensure improved conservation of biodiversity. Such as the conservation of two critically endangered fish species that occur only in these catchments of the Western Cape.
Verity Nature presents (1)

To enter the Youth4Conservation competition just go to the following link and fill in the form. Once the form is submitted you are entered. You will receive more information per email. Start working on your project and make sure that you upload to either veritynaturecomp@gmail.com or comp@veritynature.org.

The competition: Create an art piece such as a drawing or painting of A3 minimum in size OR create a poster that motivates people to conserve and protect wildlife OR make a video to either educate people on wildlife, a species, a habitat, or a conservation threat or to motivate them to conserve nature through using creative scenes and imagery.  

Link to entry form:  https://forms.gle/qRThRwbAYdX9z8k5A