What we do



We conduct eco-audits 

Funds are used to approach residences, businesses, farms, wildlife reserves and offer them a service where one of our affiliated experts review and monitor critical operational areas with the aim to identify, consult and remediate environmental resource misuse and consult on best use practices.

E.g. numerous South African farms do not have the capital to invest in these types of audits, your donations will not only employ but sponsor landowners with this type of service that will directly and subsequently conserve and increase biodiversity.      


Corporate capacity building: Ecological Sustainability representatives and managers short courses

Funds are used to develop, maintain and offer short courses on ecological sustainability in the workplace. Each business needs to be ecologically minded. Through these short courses individuals can become ecological sustainability representatives for their companies. They can ensure that the company are environmentally, ethically orientated. If each business does it's part in managing and mitigating their ecological footprint then biodiversity will be preserved and increased. We are in the process of course accreditation in partnership with Centurion Academy.        


Environmental Education

Funds are used to initiate environmental education projects in both under privileged and affluent communities. Nature conservation needs to be incorporated with development and these projects aim to educate citizens on wise use and to initiate community nature conservation projects / active citizenry projects. This to protect and increase biodiversity. Verity Nature create environmental awareness and champion conservation projects.


Development of

Environmental Education and community outreach projects for farms, wildlife reserves or businesses

Funds are used to enable consultation, initiation, liaising management and monitoring of environmental education and community outreach projects for farms, wildlife reserves and businesses. E.g. If you as an owner of a farm want to reach out to a local community, with betterment projects we at Verity Nature can either assist or take full control of such an endeavour.  



Funds are used to place strategic teams within communities or areas where wildlife poaching is rife. Volunteers are used to patrol / monitor / police hot-spot poaching areas and a team is established inside communities in close proximity to these hot-spot areas. Community development projects are launched to offer alternative means to poachers and would be poachers and then an information channel / hub is also set in place.   


Volunteering programs

Join in on the mission of Verity Nature. We continuously require the selfless assistance of volunteers that can help in community projects, ecological monitoring, counselling, youth support, professional expertise etc.

This is perfect for someone who want to take a hiatus, gap year or can lend their extra time helping those in need as well as doing your part in preserving biodiversity. 

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

All conservation endeavours are absolutely pointless if we are not eternally minded. The Father of eternity and our salvation is communicated through the atonement of Jesus Christ the living God. How can we conserve nature and the finite if we neglect the infinite. First establish the infinite and then the finite will flow automatically. Your funds will enable us to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as plant or aid churches.


Capacity building: Community members and project support affiliates

Funds are used to develop, maintain and offer short courses and workshops on environmental conservation representation and management of targeted and interested parties in communities as well as affiliated support.