Verity Nature is a non-profit, creation care initiative founded and based in South Africa. We strive to develop projects and create opportunities for personal / social and community development.

The foundation of our practices and methods to incur change is twofold:

  • proclaim Christ and Christ-centered living
  • nature conservation and associated practices.

We evangelise to whatever extent is possible at our sites of operation, either directly or indirectly. We also provide programmes to interested people, so they are not left high and dry. These nourish them in the word and teachings of God.

Other than evangelism, our services to society includes:

  • environmental education programmes (eg nature classes for home-schooled children)
  • informative education and awareness campaigns (eg how to play a part in sustainable utilisation of natural resources, how to reduce, reuse and recycle, how to become a nature conservation ambassador in your community and start conservation projects)
  • eco- and agri-business development (eg facilitate entrepreneurial activities for groups of people to create opportunities, jobs and means for economic growth within communities).


Our activities are funded in various ways. For some activities, we charge participation fees. We also use the proceeds from our online shop, as well as donations to fund our work. Donations greatly help us to expand the extent of our reach. Click to donate.


Louw Hanekom:
Managing Director

With an overwhelming passion for conservation, Louw is the founder of Verity Nature. He is a nature management lecturer at a local private college and specialises in natural habitat management and conservation development.

Lizelle van der Merwe:
Director of Environmental Education

Lizelle is the founder of environmental education company Nature@Heart. Her business is highly successful at reaching and teaching the young and old alike. Lizelle is also a part-time lecturer in Nature Management.

Mirdia Snyman:
Director of Administration and Research

Mirdia is a nature management lecturer and programme coordinator for a local private college. She holds a masters degree in conservation, specialising in problem animal control and monitoring.

Verouschka Sonn:
General Director

Verouschka is currently finishing her MSc thesis at Nelson Mandela University. She has invaluable experience in governmental nature conservation institutions and endeavours.

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